On the Road

Concrete palms, they sway
Over rooftop swimming pools
And cocktails
Oh, how they sparkle
As taxis bicker
Miles below
The drains, they belch
Regarding my heady excess
Liberty frowns
Swatting those copter flies
Park bench heaving
Home for the night
I dream.



27 thoughts on “On the Road”

  1. Love the sweeping scope of your poem, GD. I also love the idea of taxis bickering. I had a hard time picturing the swaying of concrete trees though, even with the phrase “I dream” at the end.


    1. Hi Nate, thanks for the awesome comment/feedback. Noted re concrete palms. I guess always think of hotels with rooftop pool bars as being just about the closest thing to the tropical beach in NYC, hence where the palm tree/ugly skyscraper reference started. The image itself is meant to be surreal – along with liberty & her flies, taxis bickering etc as seen through a broken mind. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Oh, wow. There is such great imagery here, like taxis bickering! Individually, the lines sing but together they kinda swoon. I love that.


    1. Thanks Cynk. Yes, I can see that without that tag it might be hard to pick up the oppressive feel of city life bottom up that I was hoping for. Thanks for reading and for your thoughtful feedback.


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