Stress bubbles

Melancholy strikes this week, for why I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter; and it will pass. It’s exhausting and I find myself in need of an extensive daytime nap in addition to my usual nightly coma. That’s a lot of sleep.

I’m just going with it. I am tired because I am a very busy person both mentally and physically. But the last couple of weeks I have not been particularly so and I think that is where I really start to ruminate over the big picture and let the time drag. Sleeping helps pass some time. Ha.

Don’t get me wrong, I lead what undoubtedly is a life of comfort of privilege, but I have worked hard in many different ways to maintain that. We are not however immune from the horrendous cost of living situation mounting here in the Uk. I am becoming increasingly stressed by all the fear and negativity everywhere.

The eternal peril of the empath is that I can’t just switch off to other people’s woes, including self-inflicted feelings of guilt about being slightly better off than so many.

I cannot control world events. So I must ride it out as ever. Many sleeps have taught me this. There will always be the fields, hills and trees around me. The river that flows by the end of my garden isn’t about to dry up. Cuddles for the kids. Small joys. These are things to focus on with my white knuckles. Just don’t let go.

I continue to embrace the sober life fully at 864 days. I must have saved a small fortune at least! And I think how much worse I could be feeling as a drinker in hard times.

Hope you and yours are well. The only way is up!


3 thoughts on “Stress bubbles”

  1. Nice to see you blogging again, I hope the “black dog” passes soon, I really so. I always think if I need sleep my body is telling me to relax a bit. We got through Brexit (no civil war or having to move to Ireland) we made it through Covid and I am sure we will come out of the COL crisis a little wiser and using less energy. I for one will dig out my best Scottish island wool sweater and tough it out!!! X

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  2. Sending love. May the stress bubbles burst soon and your inner sun shine again to bring light & lightness.
    I lack sleep in the mo – not getting the physical and mental rest I need. But that shall pass. As it always does.


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