Curbing my enthusiasm

Do any of you do this too? Get me interested in something and I am all over it. Over giving to the cause with passion and intensity. Then something withers in side me. Susan: this is just too much. You are just too much!!!

Emails sent…

How will you remember me?

Strangely, for one so introspective I haven’t really given my written legacy much thought. I guess if discovered by too many folks who know me in real life, this blog would inevitably play a part in how I am currently perceived, or maybe further misunderstood in time to come. Or worse, not given a second glance! Not that I am planning on going anywhere anytime soon….

Unfiltered, non-religious thoughts on my Faith and Hope

I am sitting in my kitchen, alone; my husband has taken my children out in the snow for a walk with his mum. As we are only allowed to meet outdoors with a maximum of 2 adults at the moment, this gives me a morning to myself, which I am grateful for. I told myself that I wasn’t going to spend this precious time on screen, but the pull to journal my thoughts this morning proves victorious.

For the last few months, I have been questioning where I stand on religion. Most weeks I try to…

Letting Go Of The Past

Something I’m not good at. For the sake of explanation; it could be anything – moving away to a new town, a favourite colleague leaving a workplace, a relationship, even a point in time. I guess all of these could be bundled under the gruesome heading of “Change”. And I am riddled by endless overthinking about it all. It must be a form of grieving.

Things I don’t process well historically have been situations where I…


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Hi, I’m Susan (aka Glasgow Dragonfly). Previously a full time mum and blogger, I became a published author in July 2020. This blog was born in 2013 when I was living in Glasgow, Scotland, and has remained a safe place for me to journal, vent, write short stories and most recently VLOG! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you! x

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