Narcolepsy Sunday

Not really – rather, unexplained extreme fatigue as usual. Often misconstrued as laziness to those who don’t get it….

Adventures in crypto-land

So I chose this week to have a first wee dabble into crypto currency. When I say a wee dabble, I literally mean that a box of matches probably is of more value than my investment.

Naturally, I was cautious. I am listening to a really good BBC podcast at the moment called the…

Dealing with Rejection

Twice this week I have been rejected for conventional jobs.

Firstly, I just wasn’t considered suitable for an interview, and, secondly, I…

Frog song

A walk in the sunshine alone. Up a steep old hay strewn pass, skirting the outline of an overgrown gorge. Sun dapples the lively hopping-stone stream now far below. I experience the thrill of a fear that no one would hear me scream (because we all know that there is a high possibility that a serial killer may also be taking his afternoon stroll here today). Yeah right! …


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