Going for the chop – review of Rainbow Room International, Glasgow

Good afternoon all

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Incase you hadn’t heard, its official: the bob is finally back as haircut du jour. Hurrah!!

What’s hot

The 2014 media frenzy around the bob has seen celebs across the music and film industries getting their tresses trimmed, whether it be to achieve the long bob (a la Jerry Hall), the medi (a la Nicole Ritchie), or a short finger wave style (a la Beyonce).

What’s not

Even the “faux bob” as a hair-up has made a few appearances in the press. I personally find this look a bit weird as it must only look the part from the front, but that’s just me!

Trip to Rainbow Room International

I had been toying with and discussing my plans to go for a restyle with my stylist Kylie for the last couple of cuts. As a keeper of very long hair, I didn’t want to get it restyled prior to the Christmas party season as I had definite ideas of hair-ups that I wanted to experiment with. Below is one of the hair-ups I went for combining the classic chignon with a French side pleat.

One of my motivations for getting my hair cut was that I felt that the condition of my hair had been suffering of late. It was getting very long and shapeless and was coming out in clumps every time I washed it, which as you can imagine, has been a bit of a worry. Consequently, it was getting scraped back in a pony tail or bun every day. I was just at a point where I was getting fed up spending ages drying it only to scrape it off my face. The winter months have also taken their toll on my hairline and the skin around my forehead and ears has become quite dry and so tying my hair back was only going to expose this more.

Because I’m worth it

When I arrived at the salon, I announced that today was to be the day of the chop. Kylie spent a good amount of time discussing my decision with me and suggesting style ideas. This was really helpful and we decided that we would go for a classic chin lengthed bob this time and then refine next time depending on how I found it was sitting over time.

We also discussed the condition of my hair and scalp. Kylie was able to recommend some RRI products for my dry scalp. She advised me to monitor for improvement over the next little while and if it got no better with the products to consider seeing my doctor for some medicated shampoo. I shall do a “tried and tested” review of these products in due course to share the results.

Sssssh, don’t tell anyone but….

I was also in to get my greys touched up and so Kylie started off by painting my roots. I’m a natural brunette and so have kept the colour natural for the last few cuts but there were still some redder hues growing their way out of the ends of my hair and so they would be gone once and for all by the end of the cut – hooray!

The colour was shampooed out after about thirty minutes and then some leave in conditioner was applied. All RRI clients get a head massage as part of their treatment which is a really lovely and relaxing touch. It didn’t disappoint, only sad thing is I couldn’t just lie down with my eyes shut afterwards!

Kylie then returned and started cutting in the style. My one stipulation was it had to be a low maintenance end result as I often don’t have a lot of time in the mornings to do a full blow dry. The rest I left in Kylie’s capable hands.

Here is the end result. I love it and many people have commented on how shiny it now looks. I really enjoyed the overall experience, especially the head massage, however, the cost was by no means a “snip” at £94 all in cut and colour. That said this is one of the high end salons in Glasgow and as such is on a par with its competitors in this regard. I was also impressed with my stylist’s knowledge and experience in achieving what I was looking for from the cut.

Roll the credits

Thanks to Kylie at RRI, Great Western Road for cutting and giving me permission to blog about the experience!










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