Interview with a Scotswoman

If some genius were to write a recipe on how to bake a successful blog, he or she would tell you that the most important ingredient of all would be the networks and friendships that can be built up over time through the mutual exchange of constructive comments, suggestions and general banter on output, all without necessarily having ever met the person on the other end of the keyboard.

Interview with a Scotswoman

I first “met” author Linda Huber (pictured below) over on twitter when my blog was in its infancy, and we hit it off immediately. Since then, we have chatted about many things, including our mutual love for our shared mother country, Scotland. Her support and words of experience have been invaluable to me whilst developing this blog.

Needless to say, I was “fair chuffed” to receive an invitation from Linda to guest star over at her blog for the day.

You can read Linda’s interview with me HERE.

About the Author

Linda had another career before becoming the successful writer that she is today. Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, she first trained as a physiotherapist. She spent ten years working with neurological patients, firstly in Glasgow and then
in Switzerland.

Linda now lives in Arbon, Switzerland, where she works as a language teacher in a medieval castle on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance. Not. jealous. Atall!

Her superb debut novel The Paradise Trees (pictured below) was published by Legend Press in 2013 and she has also had over 50 short stories and articles published
in magazines.

The Cold Cold Sea, her second novel, comes out in August.

The Paradise Trees is currently on special offer on Amazon Kindle – grab it while it’s hot!

To conclude, I just want to extend my thanks to Linda again for having me over at her blog and also for all the words of experience and support she has given me over the last few months.




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