Happy 1st birthday to Glasgowdragonfly!

I’m delighted to be celebrating my first blog-iversary today!


When I look back over the last twelve months I can’t believe how much Glasgowdragonfly has evolved since my first cautious wee “hello, is anyone out there?” post.

If someone had told me last year that I would swim with a Commonwealth champion, interview authors, be recruited as a member of the Yelp Elite squad, be dubbed “one of Glasgow’s “top foodies” and write a book, I would never have believed them!


We often hear about the negative aspects of living life on social media.

For me, last night summed up everything good about it as I hit Glasgow’s uber trendy Finnieston strip with some of my favourite local bloggers in a celebration of Scotland’s larder.


Big thanks to The Gannet, Lebowskis, and The Sisters for hosting a culinary tour of starters, mains and desserts respectively and to the gorgeous Glasgow Food Geek for organising the event.


So thank you lovely readers, subjects, friends, associates, fellow bloggers and everyone else that I have met along the way!

You have kept me enthused to keep going when my fuel tank has been low on inspiration and motivation, and on my toes with your honest encouragement and suggestions.

Special thanks to those who have taken the time to provide con crit on my short stories. Creative writing will forever be my first love.

Well, apart from Mr & Baby Dragonfly of course!!


Oh, and keep watching this space as there are a few new and exciting developments coming to Glasgowdragonfly soon….

Love you all!


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