Do you agree that blogging is DEAD? My first ever VLOG!

If you enjoyed this Vlog, and would like to see some more of my content on screen rather than just in writing, please let me know by subscribing to my Channel (My name is Susan) on YouTube and commenting, sharing and/or giving me a wee thumbs up!

7 thoughts on “Do you agree that blogging is DEAD? My first ever VLOG!”

  1. I really enjoyed your vlog. I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the name of your dog there. Thats my sons name 😂. Vlogs are a lot more personal (as i know myself). I do enjoy a blog or vlog like yours because you’re articulate and an obvious thinker. Somebody who takes time to consider themselves and the way you want to live mindfully. Its refreshing to the wannabe life coaches. So carry on!

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    1. Hi David! Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words of encouragement!! Loving that your son’s name is Ziggy!! It is a fab name. Where do you find your blogs/vlogs work best? After just about getting the hang of WordPress 5 years ago I feel like the new girl at school!! 😂


      1. I’m probably not a great example as a vlogger! My vlog is a 50 year old riding a motorbike, i don’t vlog on a personal level. I’m not that articulate and interesting. I have a face for radio!

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      2. Haha! I’m past my sell by date! I do love vlogging and personal blogging (its good for me to reflect), and my age group appreciate a motorcycle review from somebody older than 25 not dressed like a power ranger! 😂

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