CoVid: our world keeps on turning.

Taking a very long breath when replying to emails.

Very much not wanting to seem too keen, or rash, or impulsive, or in any way enthusiastic.

Very much in training.

Wearing my dressing gown over my clothes.

Bored. So secretly still being extremely keen, rash, impulsive and enthusiastic.

Wondering why nobody knows.

Stay at home mums – demons.

Working mums – heroes.

Demise of the page 3 girl – exploitation or someone to be admired?

Dancing dad – a plum or someone to be admired?

Dark horse.

Pasta making class. From scratch. On zoom.

The joy of a locked bathroom door.

Language punctuated by ummm.

8th cup of tea.

Not really being part of a community vs going to church. On zoom.

When I was young I had a crippling fear that I would swallow my own tongue and die choking. 

The comfort of strangers. On zoom.

Mice in the wall cavity.

Compostable teabags.

Pilates on zoom.

Parcels arrive from Amazon.

Don’t know the neighbours very well; resistant to take delivery of their shit.

Taking a very long breath before replying on zoom.


Switch off the lights then no one will know.

Just leave it in the safe place.

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