Festive video reading of my first chapter

Today I am sharing a very special festive reading of the first chapter of my novel for children, The Mystery of Insch Brae House, which I was honoured to record in support of the very first Twelve Days of Christmas reading initiative run by The Station Master’s House in Birkdale, England.

Please visit this amazing community hub on their YouTube Channel and Facebook to watch some more great festive stories filmed by other authors – some you might know already; some you might not.

The hub’s objective is to encourage easy access to reading materials for all ages. Reach out if you would like to hear more.

My first novel for children, The Mystery of Insch Brae House, is now available to buy worldwide and is currently free to pick up on Kindle Unlimited. Check out the reviews on Amazon!

If you enjoyed this Vlog, and would like to see some more of my content on screen rather than just in writing, please let me know by subscribing to my Channel (My name is Susan) on YouTube and commenting, sharing and/or giving me a wee thumbs up!


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