Dealing with Rejection

Twice this week I have been rejected for conventional jobs.

Firstly, I just wasn’t considered suitable for an interview, and, secondly, I had an interview, thought it went reasonably well but didn’t get the job. And about ten minutes ago I received he full on feedback phone call from them. Which was all really good positive feedback amounting to *drum roll* nowt.

The thing is, I’m in a weird (good) place right now where in all honesty I’m not entirely convinced I want to be an employee in a conventional sense. I know it’s (technically) more secure, regular wage blah, blah but there’s a huge part of me that struggles with the idea of commitment, conformity, hierarchy and all the other general BS that goes along with a 9-5. I did it for years and have had enough bad experiences to put me off it, but admittedly the guaranteed cash flow would be nice.

So, I’m going to keep on writing for pleasure and peppercorns to cover food, bills etc. My main income should still trickle in from my freelancing work as a small business consultant. The pros are life balance and love; the cons are lack of guaranteed paid work and a few worries about it, but I guess I can always try again or lower my standards as and when I need to in order to survive should it come to that.

Of course I am a bit disappointed not to win the day. I am reminding myself that winning would not just be an outcome, but an entirely new way of working. One I just don’t think the time is quite right for.

As everyone tells me; and I tell everyone:

What’s for me won’t pass me by.

The universe, circa Big Bang

Anyway, you’ve had a wee double bill from me today on the blog. Hope you enjoyed reading Frog Song, a 98% true story!


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