Writing concisely

Well it took five minutes to work out how to actually spell “concisely” but hopefully I’ve got it right now. Still doesn’t look right. Anyway…

When I look back at my early blog posts from 6/7/8 years ago, I cringe a bit at how long hand some of them are.

My style of blogging was different back then; it felt like I needed to do long posts to feel like I was being sufficiently profound in my output.

Now, I tend to blog more regularly in a journal kinda format. Perhaps with age comes more confidence in ones own outlook; or maybe I just don’t have time to worry about looking profound.

“They” say 500 words is the optimum blog length to hold a readers attention. Not that this blog is exclusively for the reader; but I’m going to see today if I can sum up my week being frugal with my words using a wrap format of two sentences max per musing.

Just for kicks. I hope you enjoy!

Within 5 minutes of my first post-holiday laundry load, I spotted the machine was leaking. A long listen to elevator music; followed by a stressful four day wait all for the engineer to pop the seal back into place in seconds.

First day back at primary school and we were all like coiled springs. As they unwound in class, I spent my first day of freedom in 2 months asleep on the sofa.

Forgot I’d said yes to that play date in the park after school. Made up an excuse that made the other child cry so had to spend half an hour pretending to do the excuse before being able to back track on saying no and join them.

Sharpened all my daughter’s hundreds of school pencils like a good mama should. Consequently, developed a very nasty water blister on finger.

Dabbed all daughter’s verucas for the second time with the one treatment kills all guaranteed cold burny stuff. Did a lateral flow test on myself as feeling under weather, negative but unreliable, maybe just excess inhalation of excess cold burny stuff.

Kids finish first week. What the heck to do with them now?


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