Lunar storm

Beneath stellar canopy, I bide alone, tucked in cloistered chambers. No wizened watchman or lamplight by my door, already it closes in; the cursed hour swirling near. Silences of darkness are now yours alone to break, a hiss of tongues entering my head, licking, whipping up, ripping through branches; rattling nests where only the brittlest winter beaks cling on. Deafening. The candlelight flickers and dies. This heartbeat pummels me. No owl’s familiar night time call; instead, a metallic banging plaguing all consciousness. You want me outside. I know you do, checking what damage you are doing to my shell. I plea to sanity. I don’t want to listen. You do not; you will not, have power over me again. The screams. Oh pass overhead, God speed, and leave me alone in slumber, oh heartless black lunar storm!


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