About the Glasgowdragonfly

Hello and welcome to my lifestyle blog!

The primary aim of this blog is to share any notable fabulous experiences that I encounter whilst residing in Glasgow, my current hostess city. It is also a place for me to vent creatively and hopefully provoke some debate on the issues that get me thinking.

I am always interested in hearing from any potential guest bloggers with a unique take on lifestyle, creative writing and/or current affairs. If this is you, send me your deets.

You can also follow me on twitter @glasdragonfly.

Self indulgent? Yup. Too right. Life is just too short not to treat one’s self every now and again, whether it be a facial, a yoga class or just a bloody good cup of coffee.

Materialistic? Nope. Sometimes things do cost money and sometimes things don’t. Lifestyle is worth what people are willing to spend and I only spend £££ if I think it’s worth it (and if I have the £££ to spend)!

Mwah mwah


13 thoughts on “About the Glasgowdragonfly”

    1. Hi and thank you m’dear! Was searching for a colour contrast to set off the raspberry dress I was wearing to a friend’s wedding on Saturday and this deep purple was “the one”. Gel nails are one of my current obsessions in pursuit of fabulous!


  1. Hi, certainly a lively blog, I am on the opposite side of the this great land of ourd between Dundee and Aberdeen. Not been to Glasgow for quite a few years, maybe will take a journey see what changes there have been and possible forget where I parked the car and take nearly an hour looking for it. 🙂


      1. Well not just my car, I lost my motorbike in Aberdeen once, do you know how stupud one sounds walking round Aberdeen in leathers carring a helmet with my wife dressed a kin on a Sunday morning asking car park attendent if there any motorbikes left over night lol. Eventually found it and I am sure it wasn’t where I left it. I don’t ride any more after an accident in 89 I am just glad for smart phones and gps I tag my car now lol. 🙂


      2. Haha – brilliant!! I have sent a follow request to your blog in the hope of more such anecdotes 😉 do u have any feedback on my blog? It’s fairly new and any (good or bad) would be great x


      3. I was drawn to your blog because your blog name has Glasgow in it and I am only a couple of hours away and Dragonfly, the staple diet of a North American Bullfrog….. why I thought that I have no idea I have never been to north America or seen a bullfrog, just have a head full of useless information that occasionally makes its way to the front of my brain and I fit it in somewhere. Anyway yes I like your blog, its more of a girly site but I can do girly, only thing I cannot find size 9 heels.
        but yes as a pro photographer maybe some photos of Glasgow, girls in tartan mini skirts, shots in the night clubs, The Barras, that alcoholic that stands opposite Barrowland singing for anything and the disused cranes casting evening shadows over the Clyde. Apart from that don’t change a thing…………see if you can find me size 9 heels in black please………only joking 🙂


      4. Haha, thanks chum! Glad you like it. Right, I’m now on a mission to track you down those shoes and tartan mini skirts! They must exist, I’m sure I saw them on BBC’s “the street” – a fine representation of this fair city 😉
        I’m exclusively working from my I-phone for all things blog at the moment as my laptop died and so totally take your point on photographs/layout. Need to find a friend who might help me out with a fancy camera and a good eye. Keen to avoid anything too contrived though – the snaps reflect the grim reality of my days and nights out! Hope you are having a good Saturday night. For me, a great curry, good company and a few Vinos. Thanks again for feedback!


      5. 🙂 Thank you. Don’t knock the camera in the iphone it takes pretty good images, I have a Nokia Lumia and I love the camera on it, if you go to rainbow-photography.net/gallery and look at the castle photos they were all taken with my phone. Please ignore the lack of images I am changing rainbow-photography.net from being a blog to a website. As you may have read on my blog is not great and I am taking retirement from being a pro photographer and changing everything. 🙂 Have a nice relaxed Sunday 🙂


  2. Greetings! I just noticed your webpage: this when I was searching digg.com. It looks as though someone appreciated your site so much they decided to bookmark it. I’ll unquestionably be coming back here more often.


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