Desperately seeking fabulous

Hello there and a happy Monday to you! Hope you have had a lovely week and have lots of fun stuff planned for this one.

Im afraid I was ill last week and so had to scale down my mission to feel fabulous in exchange for some rest and recuperation. Thank goodness for menthol crystals and sinus massage. Godsends! I am now back on my feet again thankfully.

As part of my daily quest to find my feel good, I try to fit in a brisk morning walk in Kelvingrove Park and kept this up last week despite feeling like death. I am always amazed at how in tune with nature this makes me feel, particularly at the turn of the season. I love the way this clears my head come rain or shine and leaves me feeling fresh, focused and ready to face a day of new challenges. If you need a quick fix in pursuit of feeling fabulous – this is it peeps! Sack the gym for a day and give it a go!

Maybe because Im a September baby, I have always loved the comforting feel of the onset of the fall chill and now the unique dewy feel Glasgow is beginning to have the mornings, especially since we have had lots of rain of late.

It seems that almost overnight the scorching summer has turned to autumn and the squirrels are now scampering through the golden and copper leaves underfoot.

One other fabulous thing about the turn of season is the excuse to go out and buy chunky knits, scarves and a signature winter coat. I haven’t found the time to source the latter yet but I have been snapping up knit wear like there is no tomorrow. My colours this fall seem to be the blues. Navy, cobalt and royal. I hadn’t really noticed this until I organised my closet. Loving these warm colours but now looking to mix them up with creams, slate grey and cardamom. Feeling cosy is feeling fabulous.

The other great thing about fall is the warming and healthy foods that can be prepared quickly, cheaply and most importantly healthily. As i said, I have been feeling under the weather this last week with the sniffles and so decided I needed to “feed my cold”. With this in mind I dusted off my slow cooker and went to see my local butcher. 9 hours of slow cooking later and hey presto a Thai beef curry with to-die-for tender beef. Throw in a nice bottle of red and a few family visitors and my sniffles were quickly forgotten about!

So what does this week hold in pursuit of fabulous? Well now that I’m feeling better, I have a few things planned. I’m starting to think ahead to all the winter parties and in particular my skin care regime now Jack Frost is on his way.
Watch this space and have a fabulous week!!!

Mwah mwah





3 thoughts on “Desperately seeking fabulous”

  1. Likewise I love the autumn, the colours and even the chill. It is a great excuse to get the coal fire lit. I love the Winnie the Pooh quote I posted this as my new mantra on Facebook today and then you popped up on my reader..


    1. Hello! The autumn is just beautiful isn’t it? It’s all too easy to forget to actually look around and soak it all up these days in this hi-tech world of ours. X ps: Winnie is a wise wee bear indeed – follow his mantras and you will never go too far wrong!


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