Tales of the City: Did Grace say that, too….?

Well, that’s rich.
Coming from her.
I can’t believe.
You’d even think that.
If you were any sort of friend.
You’d cut her off.
And who the hell is she.
To tell you how we roll.
You just stick with me.


43 thoughts on “Tales of the City: Did Grace say that, too….?”

  1. I liked the “Honey” it said all the things that Grace doesn’t.
    Manipulation was used well here, you almost don’t know you’re being duped.

    nice job.


  2. Not sure if you heard the song, but it reminds of “it ain’t nothin to cut that b***h off.” Great post.


  3. I love the short phrases – they really help establish the speaker’s voice. And the sly manipulative tone is so well done. Great job! Thanks for linking up!


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