Check, please.

Jocelyn had the steak.
Wait – I had two wines.
So, let’s just split it?
Everyone cool with that?
That’s great, thanks.
Much easier.

I think I’ll just pay what I ate.

Umm. Ok.
So….what does it all add up to?



46 thoughts on “Check, please.”

  1. Awkward! I almost always wish everyone would divide it up equally. Sometimes, if there’s an outlier, it makes sense not to, but it’s usually better to just divide it up.


  2. I have a friend who doesn’t drink and when he goes out with his friends who drink very expensive wines, he gets stuck paying an equal share of the bill and it drives him crazy. You captured the ‘awkwardness’ of the bill-sharing moment very well.


  3. Oh, I hate splitting the bills and yes it is a little unfair at times on the one who hasn’t had as much as the rest and yet as to foot an equal share. I liked how you brought about the feelings here πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for reading Joanne! Delighted you found it funny as that’s what I was aiming for. My inspirations were numerous incidents that I have personally witnessed along these lines with a bit of Curb Your Enthusiasm thrown in for good measure! I do have sympathy but in certain circumstances social etiquette has to kick in!


  4. I always cringe when it’s time to show everyone at the table just how bad my math is. I am sure I have undertipped, overtipped, paid more and less than my share. This captured those awkward moments perfectly!


  5. Hah! How many times has that happened? Just when you think the issue is resolved, someone decides just to pay their own. Great metaphor for change.


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