Guest Post: With Dragonfly about No Mean City

I was honoured to be asked by the wonderful Mara Eastern to be interviewed as a guest on her blog today.

Find out below: how my blog got the name “dragonfly” (an exclusive reveal – hehe!); my views on Scottish Independence; where I find my inspiration to write; and lots of other stuff about what life in Scotland is like.


Thanks for having me Mara!


Mara Eastern

I met Susie, the blogger behind The Glasgow Dragonfly, when she was at the start of her blogging project. As a convinced Scotophile, I naturally had to keep an eye on her blog. Especially with the advent of her Tales of the City, a series of gritty city stories, I saw Dragonfly’s blog grow amazingly.

I literally jumped with joy (and hit my head on a roof beam) when Dragonfly offered me to write a guest post for her blog, which you can read here. I jumped for the second time when she agreed to return the favour and answer my curious questions for an interview that I proudly present below.

Mara: Let’s start with the obvious question. What brought you to blogging?

Susie: Writing, both fiction and non-fiction, has always been a great passion of mine but until recently, a hideously demanding day job (ironically, in the sphere…

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