Favourite Glasgow Restaurants of the City’s Top Food Bloggers

I’m super honoured to feature today on Glasgow Food Geek’s list of top city bloggers.

In celebration of the vibrant foodie scene in Glasgow, the article below sees my fellow bloggers and I share our favourite spots in the city to dine.

For those of you not familiar with the Glasgow Food Geek blog – where have you been!?!

Pammi (aka Glasgow Food Geek) is fast becoming one of the most influential food bloggers not just in Glasgow, but throughout the whole of the UK, having been shortlisted last week by Cosmopolitan UK magazine for the Best Food Blog Award 2014.

If you like what you see, voting is still open for the award here: VOTE

Thanks for having me Pam!

Glasgow Food Geek Blog | Restaurant & Food Reviews in Glasgow, Scotland

In this great city of Glasgow there are rumoured to be somewhere in the region of 2000 restaurants. TWO THOUSAND! We suffer an embarrassment of riches when it comes to choosing where to spend your hard-earned money when dining out. With so many options how can you possibly decided where to eat? I did a little digging around on your behalf and have asked some of cities top bloggers where their favourite food can be found.

Some of these guy’s blogs may be new to you others are Glasgow blogging superstars, without doubt these are my favourite bloggers and reviews in Glasgow. There’s are the opinions that I listen to and the posts that I enjoy reading the most. These guys are clued up and plugged in to whats happening in our  city, so  here is what Glasgow’s Foodinati had to say.


AnanyahBanana Leaf

If I had to pick just one restaurant…

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