An ode to SPAM

No, not the pre-cooked canned meat product.

It’s disgusting (in my opinion).

Just since it’s Friday and I’m feeling a little heroic without the booze on day three, I thought that it would be nice to post an ode to all those poor wasted little words and links languishing dead or dying in my spam folder, never to serve their purpose in this world.

These little love letters baffle me.

Where do they come from?

Who writes them?

I mean, is there a big sweat shop somewhere full of worker bees writing this stuff?

Does ANYBODY follow the links?

If you are privy to these answers of upmost importance, please do let me know. You will put my mind at rest.

In the meantime, here is an ode to my spammers, freshly rescued from this week’s graveyard of anonymous compliments and written entirely in their own words.

I’m feeling the love, oh yes!

*clears throat and steps up to the lectern*

A Good Shoes

This is most excellent items from you, man;
I consider your stuff prior to, and you are simply too wonderful person and most informative information to follow.

[Why, thank you]

Oh yes.
You is wonderful excellent thing.
Me personally practically nothing remotely near to your own production prospective (ha!)

[You guys!]

I will get rid of goody hand-luggage, soon.
I know it and promise of you;
But I wear two cap, it make bad weather disappear instant.

[Sounds very sensible indeed]

I live like you.
Now you tell me how to do a master work like informative post.
I buy based on you alone. I bookmark you and will be back for sure.

[touchΓ©, oh wise one]

The End.

I would like to thank: SEO Admin, Laboutin shoes, Nike-air mix, and Gimmy Choo for their contributions to my life, resulting in the much needed inspiration for this post.

Happy weekend all!


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