Swapping cocktails for mocktails with SuperNaturallyHealthy

So. It’s day sixteen of my mission to stay sober for the month of October. Dare I say it folks *leans in and whispers* it’s been pretty easy thus far.

I’m probably totally jinxing it by admitting to that, but there we go. As I enter the second half of the challenge, I’m not yet convinced that I feel any better for abstaining, although I suppose that my paracetamol and Irn Bru consumption has decreased by 100%.

I shall persevere and see what I think when I get to the end. Either way, I’m sure my liver loves me right now!

As you may have read in my GSFO launch post, I view this challenge as a springboard from which to make a general shift towards looking after my frayed self a bit better.

With that aim in mind, fellow Glasgow blogger and all round healthy bod Kezia Hall of SuperNaturallyHealthy very kindly came up with a tailored mocktail recipe for me to try. The mocktail is designed not only to help maximise the liver cleansing process, but also to fend off any temptation I might face by not having a pretty drink my in hand whilst all my friends indulge around me.

You can read this yummy recipe below.

I’m a bit of a fan girl when it comes to Kezia’s realistic ethos on leading a healthy lifestyle and have enjoyed watching her blog evolve. Inspired by her own story about catching the healthy bug, I asked Kezia if she had any other tips for me to help kick start the kick (so to speak).

Kezia asked me to keep a food diary for a few days so that she could have a look at what my current approach to eating is.

Here is what Kezia advised:

Some of the issues that came up in the questionnaire were pretty common to most people I speak to and often just habits we get into without being aware of them. Greater health is often just about learning how to create new habits that are in line with your health dreams and before long you become one of those “healthy people”.

So here are some of my hot top tips for get healthy and happy:

​Fatty Fatty Boom Boom

Not sure where that phrase comes from – but I love it. I can see from her food diary that Susie is not eating nearly enough fat. Basically if you take one thing from this post is please please please dont be afraid of eating natural quality fats. Our bodies desperately need quality fat for energy, brain function, mood, skin, digestion – I could go on. Did you know that our brain is mostly made up of fat. The best fats are organic butter, coconut oil, avocado, nuts/seeds, animals fats, egg yolks and that in full fat organic dairy. Ditch low-fat options as they tend to be filled with more junk than goodness. (I wrote a post about debunking myths around fat on my blog​).

Variety is Key

I am sure Susie is not alone when it comes to basing a lot of meals around bread or pasta. Its quick easy and oh so convenient but also it is also heavily processed and often very inflammatory causing bloating, intolerance, skin issues and worse. Aim to eat no more than one portion of wheat-based food (cous cous, bread, cake, pasta, dough, pastry, biscuits etc) a day and try things like quinoa, brown rice pasta, buckwheat, spelt or rye.

Get Colourful

When you eat a variety of colours especially in vegetables you get a wider variety of much needed vitamins and minerals. Make your plates colourful and the best way to do this is by making sure at least 50% of your plate is filled with vegetables. Eat soups, shove extra mushrooms in your bolognaise or have more veg than noodles in your stir fry. A quick way to add more colour into your meals is frozen veg or eat lots of homemade soup or juice like below!

By simply adding more fat into your diet, eating colourfully and moving away from the bread aisle you will see some great results in your energy, bloating and body.

And one final thing that will boost every single persons health is by drinking juice mocktails!

Going sober for October is the perfect excuse to devour some wonderful juice mocktails. Think of fresh juice as shots of natural of goodness that will leave you feeling great. This recipe is wonderfully sweet but is a great way of cleansing the liver – simply perfect for a sober October!

Sober October Liver Boosting Mocktail

1 small raw beetroot
3 carrots
1/2 apple
1/2 lemon

Place in a juicer and serve with ice and a wee umbrella if you fancy!

Thanks for these great tips, Kezia! They all sound very do-able and the juice was really lovely!

​If you would like your own free health review done via phone or Skype OR if you want to learn more about what food is actually good for your body, how to get and stay slim and happy in your ​own skin then why not sign up to Kezia’s online coaching course Flourish – 8 weeks to a slimmer, healthier you! Kezia has also just launched the first in a series of podcasts, which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. Click HERE or visit SuperNaturallyHealthy.org to find out more.




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