Ode to my bath

The swirl of arnica gets to work immediately, stinging as I soak my stitch ridden, child stretched tail in your familiar safe harbour. This is not the first time you’ve been here, cleansing the scars of childbirth. Providing a stolen five minutes, screams and little voices in earshot, muffled by the erratic hum and clatter of the fan.

I appreciate your escapism. I lie back, my bones creak. I like you long, deep, scented and scalding. No book, no glass of wine. No face mask. Just clear thinking time. And sometimes chocolate.

I lose count of how many of you there have been over the years. All colours, shapes and sizes. From the lemon and avocado of my childhood; to hotel baths that *usually* fall short of perfection.

And to the common or garden space age white, spot lit cheap fit outs with poor drainage. Whatever – I always fantasise about you on cold days too.

Happy memories splashing with younger siblings until the buds began to flower, graduating on to going solo, door unlocked. To baths with my bumps and splashing with my bebe.

A broken body, a low mood, a long day, frost bite. You are my daily cure. Modern life in the face of bubbles, subsides.

You know all my nooks, crannies, imperfections. As I slosh, you help me chart life’s scars: weight gain, weight loss, dodgy tan lines. You join the dots on my skin. Check for lumps and bumps.

You’ve been there through first date depilation, toe nail imperfection, experimentation. Tears, guilty secrets, mistakes. You are the best medicine.

You know me like I know no one else.

Thanks to Arran Aromatics of Scotland who inspired this post by sending me a booty of gorgeous bath goodies & scented candles to help me feel human again following the birth of baby number two. 


There are very few luxuries on tap as a new mum of two under age three and the uninterrupted bath is currently my number one guilty pleasure. Off I schlep!

[black and white image source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk c/o Cadburys] [kylie image source: http://www.memtbestandi.com]


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16 thoughts on “Ode to my bath”

  1. I love my bath, in this world of showers, its great. It’s my favourite thing to do when I am feeling cold, to get into a piping hot bath. And the worst way to have a bath is with the disturbance of little people – I hope you manage to find time to indulge yourself without them. X


  2. We only have a shower in this flat :-(( But we’re planning on moving back to Glasgow soon, and a bath will be top of the list. Tbh, I like the choice of both, but in winter, a bath’s brilliant. And huge congrats too!


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