We spin and the world slams still. You, ablaze through darkness. I, hypnotised. A moth to your flame. Your fleeting touch spits charge. Ignites me. Urgent eyes transfix. Yet, as the willow strips, I’m discarded, fluttered away. Gaze broken. I’m lost, left longing for your heat. 

This was written for the Scottish Book Trust’s monthly flash fiction photo prompt competition (November). This image depicts a Scottish Ceilidh (traditional formation dance) in celebration of St Andrews day. “Strip the willow” is one of the most popular and raucous group Ceildh dances. The competition runs each month with a different image and is a fun way to get inspired.

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15 thoughts on “Hypnotised”

  1. Love this!
    Ceilidh dancing has become very popular in the States. When I was in Washington D.C. last month I attended a dance at the Kennedy Center in which a strip the willow dance was requested, but the caller felt that an audience full of international tourists was just not ready for that.


      1. You don’t have to be Scottish to love a good ceilidh! Actually my daughter and her husband met when they were at Edinburgh University together. So although they got married in California, they had a ceilidh dance at their reception. And when I lived in England, I was on the parish charity committee so we held a ceilidh at the castle where we were living. People are still talking about how much fun it was, and it raised a TON of money.

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  2. Fantastic. You’ve really brought the image to life. It reminded me of the part in Anna Karenina where Anna meets Vronsky at the dance. Your writing is just superb. #prose4t


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