Ding dong merrily on lie

If you’re sitting trying to think of an “excuse” to get out of those annoying Christmas drinks that you foolishly agreed to attend because you can’t be arsed or have a way better offer – read on. The seasonal lie sure is catching at this time of year! But beware – take the lie too far and you’re sure to be caught out by karma – as I discovered!

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We’ve all done it.

To save someone’s feelings.

If we can’t be bothered.

Or, sometimes just for the sheer drama of it.

The art of lying is a huge source of fascination for me.

It would be a lie to proclaim to have never uttered one or two corkers in my time, but I’d like to think that somewhere in between the trial and error of entanglement, and being (or at least trying to be) a fairly decent person, that I (almost never) rely on untruths to get on.

The chances are, this puts me at a significant disadvantage in life.

I play with a straight bat.

It is true that my middle class roots have meant that I have never had to fight for survival; nor have I lead such a privileged life that boredom has created the need for drama.

That is to say, I’m not the sort…

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4 thoughts on “Ding dong merrily on lie”

  1. I’m honest about these things, with small children, like most of our friends, its hardly as if I have social invitations coming out of my ears and I just can’t do being out more than once a week! Plus I’m a terrible liar anyway so I’d always get caught. I appreciate others being honest with me too. What a random lie that woman told and quite frankly she should have been honest with herself in the first place. xx


    1. I know. She’s a very strange individual from a former life. I will have to write some more tales of her other corkers one day! Outrageous!! I’m with you on this for sure. Thanks so much for reading X


  2. That is SO odd! Why would someone do that? I have to say that I can remember someone who used to tell us absolute corkers and she would drive us nuts! A little white lie is fine but this is ridiculous!!! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x


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