Awakening Thoughts 2017

Farewell 2016. Yes, there’s moments I have hated you, but your silver lining is the enduring mark that you’ve left on my heart in renewing my faith in friendship, family, love, laughter & light. Funny how life goes, isn’t it? Times when you think things will never get better; yet there’s always blue sky waiting patiently above the cloud cover if you can just find the tiniest sliver of energy and spirit to soar. 

And I hadnt realised how kind people can be – all you need to do is crank open those shutters and whisper. And how it’s often the ones you least expect that come to reassure. Through these hard times, I have learned so much. Enlightened in so many alien ways about how to become more human. Have I missed out all these years; or too lucky in never truly needing?

Resolving things ahead of daybreak. 2017 is going to be mindfully mine. Whatever life throws my way, I’s inner voice shall not scold. I shall nurture and enjoy my own company and that of others. Outwardly, I shall manifest in this belief. I shall listen for friends and family in need. Be the best mummy/me I can be, whatever form that takes. 

And the world will keep turning anyway. 


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