The art of procrastination

There’s a lot going on around here.  In fact, January and February’s productivity to date has been nothing short of a miracle!

I’m feeling super proud of myself this week because, for the first time in forever, I have managed a spring clear out of most of my drawers and cupboards, finally conceding that there are some clothes that will never come back round in the fashion stakes (and probably even more that I will never fit into again). I usually get a bit depressed about offloading things, but these days I’m trying to make a conscious effort not to hoard now that we are in our new house.

That said, I should really be working on my new business venture, but there is an awesome local market for swapping and selling second-hand or unwanted gifts near my house, which seems to be a great way for me to waste time selling and filling my money-box back up again for repatriation. Honestly, it’s so bizarre looking at what people will buy second hand – pretty much anything it seems. That said I never come away empty-handed. It’s really addictive and I have to hold myself back from accumulating more and more junk. On the flip side, there is remarkably decent cash to be made from selling my vintage 90s wears there, and so  if I really can’t resist, I will try to redirect my energies into home furnishing purchases.

I really shouldn’t be buying anything new, but:

Lately, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I’ve also gotten really into browsing Uncommon Goods, a super cool Brooklyn based virtual marketplace who share my passion for unique handmade, organic and recyclable goods, all made by small scale producers.

Ahhh Brooklyn…

So, despite my best efforts to get my head down and work, it’s been really fun to snare some really cool international bits and bobs to accent my cottage in rural Scotland. I’m totally obsessed with shabby chic/upcycled style and so there is plenty for me to get my fix on in the Home wear section – this reclaimed bike bike tube mat is an example of one of my fave pieces.


Oh, did I mention that I’m also in the process of setting up my home office for the new business project I’m working on? Another excuse to browse Uncommongoods for unique office space pieces.  I want my office to have a really creative yet relaxed feel.  I work evenings after the kids go tho bed and so I don’t want it to feel too much of a slog to head upstairs and switch my laptop as darkness falls. I’m starting with this office terrarium as I  have a feeling that I may need a bit of lightbulb inspiration.


Then I will build on my work look further – hopefully my husband will take the hint and help me to do this via his credit card.  After all, our wedding anniversary is looming.  Hint, hint darling!

As an aside, I stumbled upon this hilarious product whilst browsing for women’s gift ideas for a friend’s 40th birthday.


Forget her – I need this in my life!! Maybe under my desk in case of emergencies!?!?!  One of the other things I love about the site is that you get a bit of chat about the person who created each listed item. Tracey Leubbers from Missouri created this and says of it:

“In 2011 after observing people having issues with how to transport their wine or other beverages to events such as ball games, concerts, boating, pools and beaches, Tracey Luebbers thought there had to be a better way. So she searched on the internet for something that solved this problem, but nothing existed. After many prototypes, in 2014 she developed a functional and attractive product. She took the patterns to a small factory that is owned and run by women.”

How cool is that?!?

Right, enough retail therapy/alcoholism for one day. I was originally intending to check in with you to say hi, how are you doing and sorry I’ve not been around that much lately. As I mentioned, there has been a lot going on lately, which I hope to be able to reveal more on very soon.

Right, better get some work done!


Thanks to Uncommongoods for seducing me away from a mundane Friday evening of home working. These guys are all round good eggs and I highly recommend you check them out if on the look out for something unusual to procure.


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