My new venture!

Hello everyone! 

I hope that you are all well. Some of you might have noticed that I have been away from Glasgowdragonfly for a wee while. 

Various things have been going on lately, but by far the most exciting has been the launch of my new business venture! 

I’m absolutely delighted to share Talla Spa Scotland with you. 

My very own handmade luxury Scottish Skincare & spa product company! 

The idea of creating my own Scottish beauty brand has been simmering away in my mind for years. Really since my teenaged years actually (now a very long time ago!), when I used to do crazy things like wash my hair in beer (for shine) and make my own face masks with oats & honey in the hope that I might one day discover the cure for teenaged acne! 

I didn’t. But thankfully the spots are behind me. Now the quest for eternal youthfulness!! 

My passion has grown in recent years through making handmade Skincare and Pamper products for friends and family, who seemingly couldn’t get enough of it and have encouraged me to take the plunge and turn it into an actual business. 

I cautiously launched Talla back in April by hitting the vibrant local maker’s/ farmer’s market scene in the Scottish Borders. Overwhelmed by the local support, I’m now stocked in several gift shops, a local day spa and am mail ordering furiously to the four corners. I’m loving it! And it’s fantastic how quickly things have taken off. 

So why the name Talla? Talla is a tranquil reservoir in a glen near my cottage. The feeling I get when I visit this place resets any stress I feel & puts me at peace. Like any good spa treatment should. It sums up what Talla products are all about. Inspired by Scottish nature and landscape – the great outdoors.

I have so many more ideas about where I want to take the business and I would love it if you guys would come on this journey with me. You are my confidants and have been with me through the up’s and downs over the last five years. I would love to hear what you think, or would like to see from Talla. All feedback is welcomed with open arms!

I’m just so excited!!! 


12 thoughts on “My new venture!”

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been busy as well…launching just recently my very own Patreon page ( to share my writing and setting up my etsy shop ( to sell the art I am inspired to make in the process of writing my short stories. My point is that I know what it feels like to take what you’ve been sharing only with friends and family and make it public, making a go of selling it. I wish you all the very best luck with this and hope you’ll continue to write about your journey.


  2. That is incredible. Well done lovely and I wish you all the luck in the world. These look amazing and I look forward to getting myself some in the near future xx


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