Ear defender blues

Some days open plan living in lockdown is really not for me. Home alone scream emoji!

How can anyone deal with music, tv, iPad, audiobook, toys and kids going off in one room all at once? No Alexa here (thank god). Praying emoji. High five emoji. Brain exploding emoji.

I know, I know – but it’s family life? Ps: Amen no Alexa. Praying emoji. Crying and laughing emoji.

But just fifteen minutes. Or a chapter. Please. Crazy eyes emoji.

I make no noise, apart from the shouting. I just need an up volume control for this voice in my head. Megaphone emoji. Laughing and crying emoji.

Or a quiet corner. People get offended if I go off. Or just follow anyway. Eyes to heaven emoji. Crying and laughing emoji.

Googling ear defenders. One click. Hmmmm. Hovering, hovering… Big smile emoji. Down point emoji.

A parcel arrives for you everyday! That is true. You are a little impulsive. Parcel emoji. Crying and laughing emoji.

I might just have to lump it. It is what it is. Shrug shoulders emoji.

Ho hum. The new normal. Strong arm emoji.

I agree. Just do what you can. Shrug shoulder emoji. Heart emoji.




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