My book is published!

Dear all


After years of writing, writers block, two babies and various phases of fear induced procrastination (which most of you have read about here in various forms), I am delighted to finally share the exciting news that my debut novel is published!


In this thrilling debut novel for children by Susan Fiddes, we first meet Muriel and her mother in the midst of an unexpected family crisis. A crisis that sees Muriel being packed off to the fictional Scottish seaside town of Moreland alone with a chaperone in the middle of winter. 

As Muriel tries to come to terms with the possibility of being away from home indefinitely; the history of Moreland and its quirky residents are revealed. Soon Muriel sets about investigating the mysterious story of why Moreland has gone from being a thriving seaside town to the run down and dreary place it has become. This an exciting and fantastical adventure, largely fuelled by Muriel’s vivid imagination and moral compass as things start to go “bump in the night” at creepy Insch Brae House. When Muriel teams up with local boy Christopher, they soon discover that not everything at the house is what it seems and that there is much more to the fearsome governess, Miss Floss, than they could ever have guessed. 

The Mystery of Insch Brae House contains strong contemporary themes around bravery, tenacity, honesty, respect, friendship, family and forgiveness that both young independent readers and parents will relate to and enjoy. 

For those of you who don’t know, or are new to my blog welcome; I am an indie writer (now author – wow – I can say that now!) from Scotland. You can see from my back blogs that I have a fairly eclectic mix of posts, both fiction and non-fictional musings about life as I see it.

I really want to share my heartfelt thanks on here for all the empathy, support, encouraging words, constructive criticism and numerous memes, quotes and jokes that many of you have offered up over the difficult years.

The dream has always been to get my words out there, and this community is truly the grassroots of all forms of alt, indie writings in all our anonymous avatar glory. Long live wordpress!

If you would like to buy a copy of my book it is available internationally on Amazon and REEDSY Discovery NOW or by clicking on the quicklinks below:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to seeing your reviews, please do share them with me.


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