Sober New Year 20/21

Becoming a published author during lockdown was what I thought I would say my number one 2020 triumph was. Not so. I don’t think it would have happened were it not for….

Sobriety started off as an unhappy internal acknowledgement that I needed to have a couple of weeks “off it” early on in lockdown 1.0 (April 24) and has just kept on going.

I’m still not sure if it’ll be a long term thing. Moderation feels challenging to contemplate right now. I know I’m not that good at it. My choice.

Don’t want to seem judgy, preachy or smug. But. I have never felt better!

The longer story is the price of one too many nights of drunken (admittedly) fun ending up costing ten times as much in terms of increasingly terrible and long hangovers: hazy memories, regretted promises, throwing up, wasted lie-ins, embarrassing behaviour, belly ache, headache, hanxiety, sleep deprivation, low mood, low self-esteem, social withdrawal, grumpiness, cancellations, waking up fully dressed, rash decisions, dull eyes, stained teeth, bloated tum and bad skin.

Add an all inclusive month long holiday vibe at the start of lockdown culminating in the mother of all hangovers.

Best go out on a high, right?

Lots to tell you about my personal insights on sobriety (the good, bad and sometimes, frankly surprising) and how it rubs along with friends, family and various others along the way.

I don’t want to get all evangelical in these posts or try to convert anyone, I am genuinely happy for everyone else to carry on drinking and doing their own thang – I totally get it – I just loved liqor a little tooooo much for my own good!

In the meantime, happy new year! Keep on following your personal star X


2 thoughts on “Sober New Year 20/21”

  1. Dear Dragonfly,
    Your post is not at all preachy… it’s rather an encouragement for folks who are in despair. I salute your honesty and openness. The method you described reminded me of my successful project of giving up smoking many a year ago. Happy New Year! Christina


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