Curbing my enthusiasm

Do any of you do this too? Get me interested in something and I am all over it. Over giving to the cause with passion and intensity. Then something withers in side me. Susan: this is just too much. You are just too much!!!

Emails sent gushing, enthusing and future projecting in minuscule detail about a topic send me retrospectively into raptures of toe curling embarrassment. Thoughts of the recipient opening and thinking WTF.

Too long spent on it. A day goes by without acknowledgement of receipt. No one asked for my advice or thoughts. So why did I just send the longest email ever. I just know they’re scratching their heads wondering how to reply politely whilst giving me a little pat on the head.

Yuck. I feel sick inside.

So I try to curb my enthusiasm all the time.

Anyone else?


3 thoughts on “Curbing my enthusiasm”

  1. Enthusiasm should never be knocked! It’s a fantastic trait to have, that rubs off on people around you. So keep it up! It adds energy to a situation and positivity. If some other people don’t appreciate that, then thats up to them, but many people do, its pretty infectious. Try the opposite ‘apathy’ and you will see how awful that is! If you email away enthusiastically it shows interest and that the persons work is appreciate. They may not respond due to other committments etc or they are busy dealing with stalkers!! haha x

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    1. You’ve inspired me to stay enthusiastic, cheesy, passionate. I’m going to see where it takes me! As ever, will keep you posted!! Hope you are having a great week 😊

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