Reaching peace with past lives

A short update from me today. This week has been fantastic, for why, I may expand a little more in due course. Not so much time for writing, but no lack of creative thinking and decision making of a different kind going on.

I wanted to share a most wonderful dream from last night. It was vivid, felt long, and covered many experiences – all fictional but somehow profound.

One section of the dream was perfect. It revisited a place that I associate most fully with happiness and coming of age times in my teens. Oddly, I revisit as an adult and go back to the centre of the action with a person I adored and spent so much time with back then. We embrace and celebrate being reunited and then I tour the place as it is now. Familiar characters are around; heroes and villains. The sense is that everyone has also come back in a dream for the same purpose – to remember the good times fondly and then to place them in a trinket box on a shelf. A place where they won’t haunt or tell us things will never be as good again in the way nostalgia does; but we can be safe in the knowledge that the memories are there to look at anytime we want.

The other beautiful thing is that some characters from those days have passed on; but we laugh and smile and talk about them without tears. Even those who were exiled are back. Forgiveness well underway irrespective of the crime. There is no romance – just love of a fondness-type and a recognition of the importance of our shared miles on this journey.

As the dream draws to a close there is a cinema trip. The lights fade, I nudge the person next to me and say, “wait this feels wasted time, let’s go back outside.” I receive a warm smile and I know daylight in the here and now is coming. It is time to go, but I resist saying goodbye. I leave my dear friend in the cinema, sharing a smile, as we fade side by side.

I wake with a profound sense of love and peace. An acceptance and gratitude for a limited, but wonderful time in that place. I have never experienced such a powerful dream of this type. I resist the urge to google whether anyone has died, because it felt heavenly, if that is an appropriate way to describe it.

I’m not sure why now. It’s not as if I have gone over those times of late. I suppose I usually seek answers with a view to problem solving; but today all the hard work has just happened without me having to do a thing. This past life is at peace.

It feels great and something has shifted. Now to enjoy this feeling while it lasts!


4 thoughts on “Reaching peace with past lives”

  1. Madam, a wonderful Sunday morning read. I suppose I am a pragmatic dreamer. Seldom people, or the wild imaginings of youth bubbling up in an old man, things. Repairs to be done. Curiosity over how mechanicals that shouldn’t, do. Places, sure, but people, save Pap who still visits when I least expect, few, and often as not people I do not know and not composites of people I do know. Nice read. Thanks

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