Life as an indie author

Good morning! I write from the relative calm of my childhood bedroom in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. It is 6am. We are almost at midsummer and so the hours of darkness are ever scarce and light streams through the faded threadbare curtains. I had forgotten how much the seabirds party throughout the long daynights here and I think my parents may have new babies on their roof judging by the incessant levels of chatter. Isn’t it funny how every bedroom window has it’s own unique external soundtrack? Don’t forget to take a moment to pause, listen and appreciate your own one.

Why is this significant? Well, this is my first trip home in a very long time thanks to CoVid. I have come alone as I hope to find some time to work on my next novel. I have a few working drafts of things on the go, but my attention will finally be turned to writing my second childrens’ novel – a prequel to The Mystery of Insch Brae House. This was always going to need an immersive spell to get going. There’s something about needing to be on location with this project that stops me whenever I try to write those first lines. I am finally here. No excuses needed.

I come bearing fresh knowledge about my own heritage. A nearby fishing village and a great great grandmother who lived there in what history relates (somewhat cryptically) as “difficult circumstances.”

I need to find the sands she walked on to uncover the ties that she had to break to change the course of her children’s children’s children’s children’s destinies for the better. I want to tell something of her story in mine; give my leading young lady (Muriel) some context. I want to give some true grit to her DNA.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

If you would like to catch up on the story so far… The Mystery of Insch Brae House is available worldwide on Amazon. You can easy-order a copy by clicking on the link below, where you will also find more fun stuff, including the book blurb and reader reviews.

I have small limited supply of complimentary promo / book review copies which are accessible to owners of relevant book review blogs and/or social media content platforms. Please leave a comment below with your contact details if you are interested in featuring my book on your blog/SM and I shall get in touch to discuss. Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Life as an indie author”

  1. So you are really Aberdeen Dragonfly? Many years ago we spent a night in an older Aberdeen hotel when we attended a Xmas party. All I can remember is Herring Gulls squawking far too early and stamping across the flat roof – I had a hangover! Some of myy husband’s family is from Peterhead and we spent our honeymoon there. Really? I hadn’t met his family because we married quickly. Andy was relating this to a young American colleague last week and he said, “Is Peterhead like the Hamptons?” That gave us the best laugh in weeks!!

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    1. Sprung! Yes I grew up in Aberdeen and lived in Glasgow for a couple of years when our daughter was first born. That’s when I started the blog. I should probably drop the Glasgow bit now. That is hilarious re Peterhead! It is hard to think of a relatable comparator in terms of a fishing village stateside but I’m sure it does exist – maybe some Boston satellite?! Ah the gulls!

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    1. Aww awesome! Impressed you’ve been to the Granite City! Have you been to St Cyrus nature reserve? it is somewhere i am desperate to go next time I’m Arbroath way.

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  2. No, I haven’t it was a flying visit via Brewdog and I stayed in the hotel in town centre. Coming back in September on an east coast loop around the top and back down!

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