Scotland, Football (aka Fitba, Footie, Soccer) & Euros 2020 Failure

I’m currently sitting topping up my caffeine levels in my local coffee shop chain, which is uncharacteristically quiet for once.

Surprisingly few parents are seeking this popular sanctuary given today is the last day of the school term before the 8 week summer holiday starts; although unsurprising perhaps that the town is a little more sleepy than usual this 9am given that Scotland were knocked out of the Euros football (soccer) tournament last night by Croatia on 3 goals to 1; the first international tournament we had qualified for in 23 years: since I was 18 in fact. Meaning this quite literally could have been a once in a lifetime event for anyone not yet of age. Did anyone say party??!!

With a jovial underdog reputation as being “the best fans in the world,” the Tartan Army’s moniker of “party if we win; party if we lose” is lost on no Scot. Scotland in an international footie tournament rallies the spirits like nothing else and what a great feeling it is to be in the moment watching the players doggedly fight, fight, fight for the country like Jacobites, still filling us all with pride when we inevitably lose. In fact a friend told me that Aberdeen city centre was buzzing like we had won the whole tournament after our 0-0 draw with our auld enemy, England, last week. Needless to say, despite a valiant effort, we finished bottom of our group. See ya later, Scotland! That’s just how we do things. I have “nae doot” that there are a few “sare heeds the day” around town.

There’s always next time though, as we say. Hopefully before I get to 65 though!


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