Podcast ahoy!

I’m having some real fun turning some of my creepier blog posts into podcasts with the Anchor App (this is not a sponsored post, WordPress suggested I try it, so I did!).

I could use my own Scottish voice to record with but for now I have chosen Cassidy as my AI of choice! Fun hearing them read back.

If you like podcasts could you have a little listen and tell me what you think in terms of the content and potential?

If you search for Glasgowdragonfly’s blog it’ll pop up on Spotify and lots of other host platforms are emailing me to say they are picking it up too.

Regular readers know that I often gravitate to the macabre in my short fiction and so I have had to mark the podcast as “explicit” but please don’t let that put you off 🤪

Here is the link too, for completeness: https://anchor.fm/susan-fiddes

Have any of you dabbled with audio? Drop me your links below if you’d like me to check them out! Thank you xx


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