I love that WordPress keeps us in the know about our blogging milestones. Apparently my last post was my 200th blog entry on this little corner of the internet called Glasgowdragonfly’s Blog! How exciting!


I’m so proud of this strange and personal little blog. I started it back in 2013 when I had a tiny baby and was climbing the walls with boredom and loneliness in Glasgow – a new city to me where I knew no one – and bar a two-ish year hiatus in 2018 have been sharing my stories, family news, theories and various ups and downs on a semi-regular basis.

My space here has always been visually very simple, partly because I don’t have much in the way of IT skills and partly because I don’t want it to become too polished or curated. I want it to be real and raw when that’s the reality. It’s about the words. When using my own pictures I never seek to give my perfect pose, life is all the better for the odd hair out of place or boss eye.

This blog is my therapy; a place where I can vent and also satisfy my love of writing. Would I be bothered if nobody read it? Some days nobody does! I share my blog links minimally in a marketing context and love that I have grown my regular readers organically, I assume through some kind of shared searchable outlook on life. 99% of my real life “friends” no nothing about my blog.

But some of you do know me offline in real life; others are fleeting virtual readers who have come, gone and sometimes reappeared, and others of you I have grown to know and hold dear as honest, non-judgemental friends who I exchange genuine support and regard with.

Some of you might think you recognise yourselves in stories, perhaps they are about or for you, or perhaps it shows the levels of common experiences and emotions we humble humans share. Or perhaps you’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you (sorry couldn’t resist including a spot of Carly Simon!!)

I just happen to write it all down.

Here’s to the next 200!

Big love to you all ❤️


8 thoughts on “Milestones!”

      1. Not at all, it is hard to appreciate one’s own stuff at the time but I bet if you look back in a couple of years time once the dust settles on them it will be fascinating for you and you’ll surprise yourself about how profound those “ramblings” are!! 😊

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