Out with the old…

As I type, a thick blanket of snow is being laid over Glasgow. Although Scotland is renowned for the ability to throw up all four seasons even on a summer’s day, a heavy and enduring dump of snow is actually pretty rare in these parts. For those of you with little people or a penchant for ski-ing, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no better free entertainment available than a fresh coating of snow to crunch through.


And of course, once it stops falling, we shall take the littlest member of the family to the local park (a.k.a our garden) again to throw some more balls and build another snowman. Eat, sleep, repeat.


As I sip my wine, I am reminded that there is something so soporific and romantic about watching snow float down to earth as the home fires burn inside.


Although my default setting is to go stir crazy being stuck inside for any reason, pressing pause for a couple of hours actually proved quite timely today.

Some of you may have read a recent post from December in which I revealed that times have been pretty tough for us of late.

I wanted to write today to say a huge thank you for all the supportive messages and good wishes that I received in response to my post.

You know who you are.

I’m pleased to report that the heartache associated with this incident is getting easier everyday. Thanks to the in-laws, we started 2015 with a romantic child free night away at the gorgeous Dryburgh Abbey Hotel deep in the Scottish Border region. We left feeling really positive about the exciting things beholden in the year ahead.

Getting waylaid today has meant that a good old-fashioned spring clean feels do-able. An offloading of excess literal and metaphorical baggage followed by the setting up of all the lovely homely gifts that we received for Christmas. Starting with clothes, I have been ruthless – two full garbage bags ready for the charity shop. My beloved book-case overflowing, only my favourites will now remain. ย So cathartic.

The lovely people over at Country Living UK must have sensed my need for mass domestic overhaul, as they ever so kindly sent me a hamper full of gorgeous housey things to titivate over. It feels like Christmas all over again!


My favourite thing from this parcel is this beautiful handcrafted nest of wooden boxes by ECP Design Limited.

The Robin Red Breast is my favourite little winter garden bird.

They are such friendly little critters and for me they embody the essence of the British back garden.

On a more self indulgent level, my make up bag is overflowing with endless lipsticks and nail varnishes and so to relocate them to the larger of these pretty boxes rather than them littering my dressing table will make a huge difference to my organisational outlook every morning!

My daughter is already obsessed with these wee birdies and so as soon as she starts gathering trinkets, the smaller of the two boxes is hers!


Continuing the bird theme, the handcrafted cards by Penny Lindop made me smile and will be just perfect for writing my Christmas thank you letters.

Later, I’m looking forward to languishing in a very long bubble bath when Mr Dragonfly goes out to meet friends. The plan is to create a fragrant home spa with these Shearer orange blossom tea lights and winter fig reed infuser within which I will think nothing but nice thoughts thanks to Buddhify, the Glasgow based mindfulness app, which I’m now a devoted follower of whenever I have a spare moment to get my feel good on. Give it a go if you are into that sort of thing. Having tried a few meditation apps, I find that this one suits my busy lifestyle best.

Today I’ve been reminded that – whilst life isn’t always perfect – in having a clean house, a stunning winters outlook, a massive bubble bath & some gorgeous Country Living goodies, it could be a hell of a lot worse!


Thanks to Country Living for sending me the aforementioned gorgeous hamper of treats when I needed cheering up most! ย Other brands referenced in this post are only mentioned because I think they are great and, for the avoidance of doubt, are not sponsored inclusions.


11 thoughts on “Out with the old…”

  1. I love your snowman. He’s great. I have not had a bubble bath for almost two years now. Your blog article reminds me that this is something I must remedy. I am a big proponent of the whole “life laundry” thing. Decluttering your space definitely declutters the mind. I used to have a good clear out / reorganise every 6 months and, of course, had to be extremely ruthless when we were deciding upon which possessions to ship to the US. I hope you are now feeling more calm and settled.


      1. I know! I feel weird bathing in a house that is not my own so it is only since we moved here in August that I could deal with my squeamishness. The bath is in the boys’ bathroom so I just need to find time to invade their territory. As with most things, however, it is all about finding the time.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Julie. Im lying down thinking some peaceful thoughts. A luxury for mid-afternoon thanks to a stiff neck!! The snow has been a bit of excitement – now its a little too icy for my liking but still pretty nonetheless. Speak soon x


  2. I use a meditation app at night, which is strictly designed for sleeping. I’m going to check out Buddhify ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not really a fan of baths, but I’m sure I can find other uses for it.


    1. Did you check it out, its got loads of different mood modes. Im amazed at how many people tell me they dont have baths. I cant comprehend why – nothing better on a chilly evening!! Enjoy & thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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