TFI Friday!


Ya beauty!

Praise Be.

What a week.

Scratch that. What a month of highs and lows March has been.

Thanks for sticking with me when things were a little quiet around here, and also for your words of encouragement, particularly earlier in the week, when I had a bit of a wobble about everything that’s been going on!

The week has actually wound up on a bit of a high, as following on from this period of life overload-slash-procrastination, I had a very stern word with myself.

Yes, I finally knuckled down for ten hours straight on Wednesday to knock my 25,000 word children’s novel into better shape following feedback from a couple of beta readers.

I’m pleased to say it’s now sitting over at Writer’s Workshop with a genre specific editor awaiting assessment and feedback. I can’t wait to hear what the pro makes of it! I should be nervous, but I think I’m more excited. My dreams may yet be ripped to shreds, but at least I’ll be able to say: I DID IT!

Mr GDF is heading to London with his parents today and so, not to be outdone, I’m celebrating the end of this tumultuous seven days by heading to my favourite Scottish seaside town with my parents for a couple of nights of salty air and TLC. Oh, and probably some house hunting.

It’s gonna be COLD. But the cobwebs will be gone. With another big and exciting week ahead I need to get my game face back on. 

For I, dear readers, shall be moving into visual media for a wee stint. I’m going to be making my tv filming debut next weekend with a Canadian TV  documentary crew (cue wardrobe – or rather lack of – freak out). 

Fame at last! 

If you live in Glasgow, give me a wee wave if you happen to see me out and about doing my thang!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers all.

Here’s to chasing the horizon!


6 thoughts on “TFI Friday!”

  1. I sent The Cold Cold Sea to the Writers’ Workshop in 2011 and they were absolutely brilliant. I still work with the editor I met there. It’s great to have someone to tell you ‘This bit’s amazing and that bit’s crap’! 🙂 You’ll get really useful feedback and once you’ve taken a deep breath (you always have to take a deep breath…) you’ll have great fun incorporating their suggestions into your book. I just love chopping and changing bits.


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