Butterflies in my tummy today as I have a job interview. Those who follow this blog will know that alongside my writing, I’m also trying to get going working as a freelancer; predominantly in the business, legal and third sector spheres.

Being the square peg that I am, there is lots that I am qualified to do, however, many roles don’t suit due to my non-negotiable on it being part-time/school hours based. There are lots of reasons for this, some of you may think it is a luxury to be able to demand it, however, having already done the very highly paid executive role for a number of years, I still bear the scars from the stress; the main plus being that I made hay while the sun shone and so still have savings to dip into if I need.

Although my children’s book The Mystery of Insch Brae House has sold well over the last year, taking all the outlays into account as an indie author, profit in my pocket is roughly a couple of hundred pounds (if that).

Nonetheless, I am delighted with how well received it has been and feel proud to have done it all myself (bar some occasional paid Amazon ads).

Well ok, a bit more income being generated from my craft would be nice – but this is the reality of writing for a living. For 90% of us it isn’t a living! It is a passion project.

I’m writing book number two in the series at the moment and this time I think I’m going to treat myself to two professionally designed covers so that both books in the series sing out to shoppers on the shelf. These will likely cost at least £300 each and so I will have to work even harder and probably use increased paid advertising to break even. But that’s ok. I will keep plugging away, producing the best output I can, dreaming of a big breakthrough hit!

In the meantime, there is real life to pay for!

Wish me luck for today as I really like the look of this two year govt funded, one day a week role as a human rights educator in mental health. It is not the best money but it is a way to use my skills set for the greater good, which really appeals to me.

I have to do a five minute presentation at the start of the interview, which would normally feel scary but I have done my research and so I have more nervous excitement than fear!

A regular day of work would fit in with my other more ad hoc freelance gigs so well…I will let you know what happens!


11 thoughts on “Butterflies”

    1. Thanks Anja, went as well as it could and so am gonna be proud of myself whichever way it goes I think…but really hope it goes my way!! 😍


  1. Good luck and congrats on the amazing news. Re the illustration for your book covers maybe look for an up and coming artist who might like to work with you at a reduced fee to have their work published and in stores on book covers? Just an idea. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the good wishes! The presentation interview went as well as it could really and so just hoping for good news!! Should hear by tomorrow afternoon if I’m successful or not so hoping for good news, but we’ll see! Great idea, must look into that idea, thank you! Hope you are well x

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