Expanding comfort zones

I mentioned in my last post Butterflies that I had a job interview for a day a week position as a human rights educator, which would dovetail in perfectly with my desire to keep writing against earning an actual living.

The really interesting thing about this interview was that I was excited, rather than nervous. It actually involved quite a lot of prep as I had to do a presentation in response to a pre-set question for the panel. I do have prior learnings in human rights but refreshing this in a specific research and practical solutions context was very satisfying. Not to mention creating a Powerpoint. Feeling confident, knowledgable and prepared made me feel that my time would not be wasted even if unsuccessful.

Becoming an educator would be a step into territory I am more than capable of; but I have always historically shied away from public speaking due to my lack of confidence.

This is a hang up most people wouldn’t know I had, were I not increasingly open about it. It is something I have always been frustrated about and so over the last couple of years, I have tried to take as many opportunities as possible to use my physical voice in rooms with strangers – most often in an online classroom setting thanks to CoVid.

Slowly, slowly, I felt that I often had points others appreciated hearing. This has helped my confidence and self-worth enormously to the point I saw this job, wanted it and knew I could deliver if I got it.

I’m delighted to say I received an offer on Friday which I have accepted!!

Better still it is a 12 hour hybrid online/office flexi-time offer, rather than the one day straight as originally outlined in the job description.

The people were lovely, the set-up sounds great and I begin in September.

The moral? Never give up on self-development. You can do almost anything if you give yourself a chance to nurture a skill outside your comfort zone.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


9 thoughts on “Expanding comfort zones”

      1. “I have always historically shied away from public speaking due to my lack of confidence. […]. It is something I have always been frustrated about” – sounds all so familiar … So, yes, the inspiration goes both ways! We all are works in progress. xx

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    1. Thanks so much Kerry! That would be awesome, I’m looking forward to getting started but am under no illusions about some of the challenges – bring it on! X

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