When do accusations of over-sensitivity encroach upon one’s right to be easily offended? Asking for a friend.

I am highly sensitive and suffer from the worst imposter syndrome – it bugs me senseless. I just don’t seem to be able to get on top of it at all in a work context. I love my current job, couldn’t be more suited on paper, and yet here it comes, seeping back in through the cracks to burden my evenings.

I rarely feel like I have anything smart to say in the moment; that I’m living on some sort of alternate wavelength a lot of the time as I come at things differently from my colleagues. It probably seems like much of what I say is contrary and ego most definitely comes into it in terms of wanting to do things my way, although I’m trying to sit back and go with the majority a bit more. I just wish I could be confident in my own abilities.

It feels really rubbish.


3 thoughts on “Touchy!”

  1. I am sorry to hear you feel like that (I mean your friend). A healthy scepticism about ones own ability is natural isn’t it? We all feel like a fish out of water when we start a new job. But it shouldn’t burden our thoughts in the evening. Ruminating as you know is harmful and self defeating. I would ask your friend to challenge their own thought process, maybe read a little CBT to help and use some of the techniques to challenge those thoughts. Although being accused of being ‘over sensitive’ sounds passive aggressive. That ones on the accuser not the accused. So get the self help books out, remember how you might have dealt with this before and how these feeling passed. But remember a drink is not the answer, a hot bath, a walk a book or a hug can always help x

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    1. I was in a very similar situation to yours many years ago, GD. Managing a mental health project while struggling with my own (hidden health). My fabulous psychologist got me through it with CBT (although Prozac might have helped me then too). I am still over sensitive and my own worst critic…

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