The clocks have just gone back; a signal that the darkest days of the year are upon us. I look at routine moulded infants struggling with this culture led transition, imposed in aid of a brief spell of increased morning light, and of course received by them apathetically to the detriment of their exhausted parents. I look at colleagues struggling with changes in time to medication routines. I look inward to my own wrestle with post Samhain-pre-Christmas mania with a spot of Black Friday curveball thrown in. And muse, what the hell is going on here?

Periodically, I toy with the idea of taking a step back from how collective culture controls my day-to-day life. Taken absolutely this would mean a return to Marshall law and indeed giving up on tech including this blog, which doesn’t really appeal, but I do believe there are small ways to recover aspects of human nature that run the risk of becoming extinct because we follow the bright lights and loud voices like sheep.

One tiny example of this is being more season led, and by that I mean slowing down in winter, trying to eat more seasonally, be most lively during day light hours only and moving a bit more slowly and kindly to nurture and revitalise my body generally as the temperature drops outside. Think semi-functioning Dormouse.

I’m taking my own advice today and cultivating a hibernation zone in my bedroom, I’m just so cold and in a state of mental confuzzlodom due to busy life syndrome. An afternoon of bed snoozing is the only cure I’m craving! Night, night!


2 thoughts on “Hibernation”

    1. Thank you! Hubby said he was well impressed with my approach as “it’s not my usual style not to overdo it and knacker myself” so seems to be a good approach all round! 😌

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