Entrepreneurial Mania!

Sorry I have been a bit quiet lately, I’ve been working really, really hard. I have to say I am loving having some cash in my pouch again after fallow periods, the big downside is not having much time to write; however I’ve popped that on ice for when I need to offload. So here I am today.

I’m an entrepreneur. My dad would say capitalist. This is half true; politically no, but I do get a thrill out of generating something of worth from a totally blank canvas idea. It could be match sticks or nuts – it’s not really about value – it’s the thrill of alchemy I love.

Now, I’m not saying any of my ideas have turned to gold, but when an idea strikes, things can get pretty intense. I obsess over it and put a huge amount of mental energy into researching and planning before sometimes just decided I can’t be bothered or it just isn’t viable. This can go on for months. I am to be humoured, but to be fair always give my all when I have the bit between my teeth. My poor husband has seen this many times.

I have been working fairly intensely on an idea recently and today actually took things to the next level by instructing a viability study from a professional agency. I talked this through with my husband beforehand, partly because things have been going so well lately for me I worry that I’m am on a bit of a chemical high. A mini manic episode. This high makes me nervous. It could well be normal, but because of my sometimes extreme ups and downs in the past I’m very self aware of my mental well-being.

Am I deluded about this new idea? Am I being reckless with money? Have I been splashing out too much lately? Am I being a bit intense? Am I feeling nervous because nothing makes me nervous? All these are “signs” – ugh I don’t know – I need to enjoy the ride I guess and quit worrying here’s something wrong with me!!

The flip side is that I am massively enjoying the thrill of working on a new idea. The financial outlay isn’t huge at this stage. But the idea is very quirky!! But then I and others think there is something there!

Anyway, my husband is engaged in this one and wants to come to meetings which is awesome! He will keep an eye on me I’m sure! I hope it’s not due to worries about my crazy ideas. What a handful I am!

One day I will make my millions and then the responsibility of that will terrify me! Mo money mo problems as they say!


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