What is pain?

Pondering about this at the moment. Physical pain as opposed to mental pain this time. Increasingly I am in – what I think – is pain. It radiates around my sacrum, lower back, pelvis, hip joints, groin area and oddly, my right ankle. I’m seeing an NHS physio for diagnostics in a few weeks. In my mind it is a sciatic nerve pain, having experienced similar in pregnancy. My belly is large again and whilst I am not pregnant, I can’t kid myself that weight isn’t a factor in the symptoms. I find physical pain frustrating because my pain isn’t the sort of pain that can be solved by pain killers. It is a kind of dull non-descript gripe, not unlike my labour or period “pains” – a kind a rage inducing, unreachable nagging, dragging sensation rather than obvious or acute agony. A whimpering, hot water bottle, leave me be sort of pain. It becomes a mental torture. Anyone who says mental and physical pain are different, lies! But what to do about it?

One thought on “What is pain?”

  1. I am sorry to hear that GD. After having chronic pain and having a nerve block every 12 weeks for 10 years I know what you are going through. Mine was in the groin area. Its relentless. There are a few strategies which helped me. This included managing not to concentrate on the pain which ramps it up. Diversions such as exercise and mental tasks which take full concentration. But the only drug that worked for me was morphine which turned me into a zombie. But definitely keep on at the doctors to get a pain clinic referral. Otherwise they will fob you off with pain killers and physio. For my lower back pain an osteopath was the best for me. But now I am seeing a consultant at the hospital. Please do what you can to keep your spirits up as its easy to get depressed and that does make the pain worse xxxxx


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